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CRPL lets you create an online memorial for your loved one, completely free.

Find memorials on our website

Find memorials on our website by searching with your loved ones name

About CRPL Online Memorials

how_icon About

Our online memorials are available to all that would like to honor and remember a loved one.

You can create an online memorial in minutes with the option to fundraise for CRPL in memory. Your donations help us to continue providing care to orphaned primates in the DRC. Truly cementing your loved one’s memory.

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mission_icon The Mission

The mission of our online memorials platform is to provide an everlasting and respectful place where our families can return to enjoy memories of a loved one.

We hope that our online memorials help to cement beautiful memories and serve to unite all of those affected by a loss.

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benefits_icon Benefits

  • Tell a loved one’s life story in three easy steps & invite visitors to pay tribute
  • Donate to CRPL in memory, truly cementing your loved one’s legacy
  • Create a public or password protected memorial. Choose to approve what’s posted
  • Memorials are everlasting
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Creating the memorial for my father was one of the most calming feelings that I have had since his passing. And I’m so glad that my children will be able to learn more about him from the stories and tributes that so many have left. Thank you for this service x

headshot BT Zoe Long

Thanks for letting us share the loss of our youngest brother. It’s a great place to reflect on his short but joyous life and ensure his memory is kept alive.


Deeply appreciated by me and our family

head-bt Troy Carson